Manifattura Cantù Egizio snc fascination of ribbons since 1958
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High-quality range of products suitable for the production of face-masks & face-shields

Fashion stockings

Silicone top lace and band for fashion stockings 7 Immagini

Elastic band, silicone top lace for fashion thigh-high stockings.

Medical stockings

Top bands, silicone top laces for compression stockings and therapeutic thigh-high. 18 Immagini

Wide range of elastic top bands, top laces for the production of compression stockings and therapeutic thigh-high stockings.

Production of elastic bands suitable for antiembolism stockings and single-leg pantyhose.


High quality textiles for orthopedic corsets, back supports and compression garments. 9 Immagini

High quality textiles for orthopedic corsets, back supports and compression garments.

Orthopedic - Concept

Revolutionary fabrics for orthopedic equipments 24 Immagini

Outstanding innovation developped in order to offer the best perfomance in terms ofmechanical and technical features as well as aesthetic sense.

New knitted structures, designing totally new solutions for various applications.


General technical features

 - 2 ways stretch fabric (4 ways stretch available upon request)

- breathable, soft and light material

- comfortable fit

- available in different colors 

- max width available up to 400 mm



These textiles have been developped in order to open new horizons and new possibilities in the design of innovative technical products.


Elastic ribbons for sportswear clothing. 10 Immagini

Wide range of customizable ribbons for sport clothing.

Cantù Egizio develops special elastics bands for sports clothing and equipment with silicone printed logo and patterns.


Elastic ribbons for underwear 7 Immagini

Elastic shoulder straps, hemmings and foldovers for hosiery and underwear.

Wide production of customized elastic ribbons for menswear and sportswear.


9 Immagini

Silicone coating

We coat linear strips, waves, zigzag coatings, dot coatings or honeycomb coating. 6 Immagini

The CANTU' EGIZIO is specialized in silicone coating third parties of elastic and rigid bands, ribbons and laces.  

  • We coat by mono-component and bi-component silicone (extra-grip/sticky), in compliance with current Oeko-Tex Standard 100 regulations;
  • We coat linear strips, waves, zigzags, dots and honeycomb;
  • Custom designs according to customer specifications.
Silicone Coating Silicone Coating [6.519 Kb]